Egyptian Parliamentary Committee Threatens Ties Review Over POW Killings

An Egyptian parliamentary committee threatened, in an official statement, with reconsidering the relations with Israel “unless it holds accountable and punishes the perpetrators of the killings of Egyptian prisoners of war during the war of June 1967”.
This took place during the meeting of a joint committee that included committees of Arab affairs, foreign relations and human rights in the People’s Assembly, to study what the Israeli television aired of a military unit led by the current Israeli Minister of Infrastructure Benjamin Ben Eliezer that killed 250 Egyptian POWs in Al-Arish, Sinai Peninsula in 1967.
The committee’s statement, reported by the Middle East News Agency (MENA) said that “The souls of the great martyrs will be sartisfied only through a fair retaliation against the killers who are boasting nowadays of the atrocities that they committed, a stigma on the forehead of humanity”.
The statement called on the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to demand the United Nations General Assembly and the International Security Council for immediately bringing the perpetrators of these crimes before the International Criminal Court as war criminals.
“The Israelis must remember that if the Nazis crimes haven’t been dropped from their memory, their crimes will not be dropped from the memory of the Egyptian people and the Arab Nation” the committee said.
The statement pointed out that the Israeli military institution ” is exercising the ugliest face of state terrorism and is documenting the most savage pages in history in a way surpassing all massacres committed throughout ages against both civilians and soldiers”.

Investigation demanded

In Brussels, Also, the Foreign Minister, Ahmad Aboul Gheit, demanded Tel Aviv to investigate into the topic, during his meeting with his Israeli counterpart, Tzipi Livni.
Abul Gheit said in statements quoted by the Middle East News Agency that Egypt will watch Israel’s attitude during the coming days and it will accordingly react to this issue” within the international, regional and legal levels unless Israel moves”.
The agency added that Abul Gheit demanded Livni to give Cairo a copy of the documentary with an English or Arabic subtitling, pointing out that Livni will watch the documentary when she returns and she will inform him of the result next Thursday.
The agency quoted the Israeli Foreign Minister saying she did not watch the documentary, but what she knows only confirms that the Egyptian soldiers were killed in battles, not while they were captured.
On the other hand, Sameh Ashour, the Bar Association chairman, said that he will lodge a complaint to the attorney general demanding summoning those he called responsible for the war crime of assassinating Egyptian POWs in 1967. Ashour confirmed in statements in Cairo that the crime was committed in an Egyptian land and its victims are Egyptians; consequently, it is within the authority of the Egyptian justice.

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