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  • June 27, 2008
  • 2 minutes read

Egyptian PM Excludes Farouq Gewedah from the SCC

Egyptian PM Excludes Farouq Gewedah from the SCC

Dr. Ahmad Nazif the Egyptian Prime Minister, has decided to exclude outspoken poet Farouq Gewedah from running for the membership of the Supreme Council of Culture (SCC) twice within three months, Al-Masry-Alyoum Newspaper reported.

Sources stated that this step has been due to the anti-regime essays written by Farouq Gewedah about the violations committed by the cabinet regarding playing with the state’s lands and distributing them to the businessmen without any rules.

Informed sources say that Nazif decided to exclude Gewedah and replace the five empty seats with other five; Ali Adeen Helal, Sabry Al-Shabrawi, Gabaallah Ali Gaballah, Ali Radwan have been appointed instead of Ragaa Al-Naqqash, Fatima Mosa, Abdul-Atheem Ramadan, and Yunan Labib Rezq.

It’s said that Ali Radwan has been included after deciding to exclude Gewedah due to his essays against the Mafia that manipulates the state’s lands and usurps the people’s rights in these land spots.

Farouq Hosni, Minister of Culture, has sent an official letter to the PM nominating Gewedah to the membership of the SCC after the death of Dr. Fatima Mosa. However Nazif refused to ratify the decision and froze it at the office till the death of other three members, then Farouq Hosni sent another letter nominating new members including Gewedah.

Gewedah has suffered from a serious health problem led to transferring him to the ICU due to prolonged investigations regarding his famous essay of inequality of opportunities in appointing judges.