Egyptian Police Torture Dakahlia Citizen to Death

 Egyptian security forces tortured to death a citizen from the village of Tilbana, Mansoura, governorate of Dakahlia.
A law enforcement force went to arrest citizen Ali Ahmed Abdullah Al-Saeedi to carry out sentences against him. The force did not find him in his house and found his daughter. So went on beating her so that her loud cries make him come to them. The young girls cries and screams were heard by her uncle Nasser Ahmed Abdullah Al-Saeedi, a carpenter aged 37 years, He tried to rescue his niece from the officer and his force, but he was beaten and tortured like her. They even hit his head in the ground of the road while dragging him to the police station, leaving his head bleeding.
When a lawyer from Tilbana went to the police station, he found him bleeding. The lawyer got enraged and quarreled with the officers. After that, they moved the injured uncle to Mansoura Emergency Hospital. Doctors tried to treat him but it was too late. He died.
When residents of the village of Tilbana knew of this, they crowded and tried to burn Tilbana police station and they burnt tires and blocked roads.
Instead of trying to pacifying people, 12 police trucks laden with central security soldiers were ordered to besiege the village, turning it into a military barracks. The body of the dead uncle was brought at 3.30AM at dawn under heavy guard and they buried it. The brother of the dead declined to receive any consolation, considering the death of his brother a vendetta between him and the police, given that this family is from Upper Egypt which is well known for the wide spread phenomenon of vendetta.
The central security force is still besieging the village.
For his part, Tarek Qotb, the member of parliament for the constituency housing the village that witnessed this crime, described this action as barbaric and irresponsible. He pledged that he will lodge an interrogation to the Interior Minister to ask him about what happened, so that the policemen who committed this crime must stand trial.