Egyptian Politicians Celebrate Inauguration of New MB Headquarter, Promise Cooperation

Egyptian Politicians Celebrate Inauguration of New MB Headquarter, Promise Cooperation

Representatives of several national and political powers in Egypt celebrated the grand opening of the new MB headquarters in Cairo, stressing that it’s a new phase in the history of the MB after the January 25th Revolution, which requires more cooperation with other political powers.

Participants stated that the inauguration of the new Muslim Brotherhood’s center came after 80 years of struggle, suffering and imprisonment of its members, and now the time it must be allowed to freely work for the best interests of Egypt after being banned for many long years. They added that the MB has a national duty and should be respected by all Egyptians.

Heads of parties have also stressed that this event adds to the political life in post-revolution Egypt, pointing out that the atmosphere of freedom allows all Egyptian citizens to work hard for their country and be creative and the MB will have to prove itself and find solutions for the challenges it will face.

They stated that the MB is a strong political force that cannot be ignored, and all other powers should work with them despite any differences in political vision.

Coptic attendees have also congratulated the MB and stated that this opening is a symbol of new democracy and freedom, a victory for Muslims and Christians alike.

Participants also stated that after the success of the revolution and the victory of the people, Egypt is now facing the challenge of reconstruction, which requires the help and cooperation of everyone. They called on the MB to take the lead as the most organized group with a huge capacity and to work with other political powers for the protection of Egypt and its wealth.