• April 8, 2012
  • 4 minutes read

Egyptian Politicians Ridicule Presidential Bid by Mubarak’s General Omar Suleiman

Egyptian Politicians Ridicule Presidential Bid by Mubarak’s General Omar Suleiman

Egypt’s top experts and politicians condemned Omar Suleiman, once Mubarak’s Vice President, as he submitted his presidential candidacy application earlier today. They underscored the importance of not allowing him or other symbols of the corrupt old regime any chance to win the forthcoming election.


Dr. Mustafa Kamel El-Sayed, a professor of political science at the University of Cairo, stressed that "popular isolation" will safely keep Mubarak’s intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, away from taking the country’s highest office.


Meanwhile, Counselor Ahmed Makki, the deputy chief justice of the Court of Cassation, said: "The reasons that drove millions of Egyptian people to get out on the streets in the January 25 revolution, will make them fail the symbols of Mubarak’s despotic regime who are now running for the presidency. The people will not allow them to return to power, or to any leadership positions".


Further, Sobhi Saleh, Deputy of the Committee on Constitutional and Legislative Affairs at the Egyptian People’s Assembly, stressed that nomination of Omar Suleiman for the presidency completes the missing link that kept people wondering in Egypt for the past seven months, as it revealed the ‘hidden hands’ at play in the country, which had been a mystery throughout the last months.


A series of tragic incidents of total chaos and lawlessness plagued Egypt, while the government remained unable or unwilling to announce the identities of the perpetrators; and the term "hidden hands" was often used in this context.


"The former regime, with all its symbols, icons, figures and all its tools and means, all its media power and its staff in State administration is endeavoring to contain the revolution and vengefully abort it, in an attempt to rapidly return Mubarak’s regime afresh", said Sobhi Saleh.


Saleh pointed that the scenario that has been playing out on Egypt’s political arena has now become intelligible; and proves right the Muslim Brotherhood’s vision on fielding their own presidential candidate, Khairat Al-Shater, to foil the plot for aborting the revolution.


Moreover, Saleh ruled out the possibility of Omar Suleiman winning Egypt’s upcoming presidential election, saying: "Omar Suleiman was the last line in the page of the past. How can he become the first line in the page of the future?"