• MB News
  • July 3, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Egyptian Press Election Kicks Off, No MB Attitude Yet

Preparations are underway for holding the elections of the Egyptian Press Syndicate to elect a new board and a new head for the journalists during the next period.
Asked whether the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) will lodge candidates, journalist and MP Mohsen Radi told Ikhwanweb:
The Muslim Brotherhood’s attitude is clear: We will run for the elections in a way that lead to cooperation not competition. We will run the elections in a way that allows all groups across the political spectrum to have a representative in the syndicate board. When elections are over, all of us cooperate, as members of the same profession, to develop it and activate the press code of ethics and bring in more privileges to the syndicate. We only speak in the name of the press syndicate inside it regardless of our political affiliations. We work under the slogan “the Press syndicate for all”. All of us work for journalists. As for the seat of the Syndicate Head, it is still under discussion and no candidate has been named yet. Personally speaking, I urge all sincere figures in the press syndicate to take the lead and run for the elections for this post. This is because the head of the syndicate is supposed to be addressing hopes and aspirations of all journalists.
Asked why the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t field any candidate for heading the syndicate, Radi said:” The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t field a candidate to compete on heading any syndicate. This is because the Egyptian regime paralyzes the movement when a syndicate head is affiliated to it”.
For his part, Adel Al Ansari, a Muslim Brotherhood media leader, told Ikhwanweb:
There is no consensus over a candidate for heading the  syndicate. This is because there is only one candidate, Makram Mohamed Ahmed, who has declared running for the elections on the post. When other nominates emerge, there will be better opportunities to choose from among them. We will cooperate, not compete, during the Press Syndicate elections.