• April 7, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Announces New Offices

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Announces New Offices

 Members of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) have re-elected Dr. Maha Azzam as President for a new two-year term. They also elected justice Walid Al-Sharabi as her deputy, and Mohamed Sherif Kamel, as ERC General Secretary, for the same period.

The ERC made this announcement during the first meeting of its General Assembly, which approved the organizational structure and a list of internal work, which included the new elections based on the new structure.

For the Executive Office committees, Dr. Amr Darrag was elected President of the Political and Economic Office; Ahmed Hassan Sharkawi, Head of the Information and Media Office; Dr. Ahmed Amer, Head of the International Relations Office; Dr. Osama Rushdie, President of the Human Rights and Legal Office; Dr. Amr Adel, Head of the Civil Society and Mobilization Office; and Samir Al-Aerki, President of the Resource Development Committee.

The Assembly approved the creation of committees for students and young people, and the Committee on Civil Society and Mobilization, as well as a committee to communicate with revolutionary entities and groups.

An ERC statement said: "The General Assembly reviewed ERC activities and committees of the last period, and discussed new mechanisms and strategies for the Egyptian Revolution’s action abroad, so the revolutionaries’ messages at home can reach foreign governments, parliaments and media as well as international human rights organizations more efficiently. The Assembly also studied all ways of supporting the revolutionaries at home and communications with political forces and youth in order to produce a consensual political project for all revolutionary forces".

ERC meeting attendees stressed "the importance of activating the role of students and young people within the ERC’s Executive Office through a new committee for young people and students, as well as the communication committee to activate the permanent and continuous contact with revolutionary entities, groups and individuals, to develop an overarching framework for all the revolutionaries in order to face up to and besiege the illegitimate coup in Egypt at home and abroad".

Dr. Maha Azzam, ERC head, expressed appreciation for the renewal of confidence in her work, and vowed to continue to carry the message of the ERC in confronting the current regime in Egypt with full strength and without compromise, until it is defeated and ultimately toppled.

She also offered a special salutation, in her own name and on behalf of the ERC’s Executive Office and all ERC members, to "President Mohamed Morsi, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance… the legitimate Revolutionary Parliament and its elected members… and all revolutionaries and protesters on the ground, especially detainees held in prisons, for their legendary steadfastness in the face of the coup’s brutal military machine that murders dozens daily on the streets of Egypt".