• November 21, 2015
  • 6 minutes read

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Urges Army Recruits to Refuse Orders to Kill Peaceful Protesters

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Urges Army Recruits to Refuse Orders to Kill Peaceful Protesters

It is abundantly evident that Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s regime is dragging Egypt from bad to worse, day after day, in sync with the disasters that the military coup regime has caused Egypt and all Egyptians. The military coup succeeded in drawing the military away from its real mission, of protecting the borders, to protecting the coup against popular will and against the interests of the people, in order to control and squander the homeland’s resources and wealth.

The total collapse of state institutions and apparatuses, and their departure from their real roles, prove beyond doubt that a complete revolution is needed. The Egyptian people have been walking with confidence towards that powerful revolution, and will not back down until they have pulled out the roots of this coup regime, soon.

Out of a firm belief in the inevitability of this revolution against the fascist regime, the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) stands by the Egyptian people and supports their endeavors on the revolutionary path. We warn the coup gang of continuing to suppress the Revolution by force of arms. The people’s Revolution against injustice and oppression will not stop until it achieves full and final victory.

For all this, the ERC calls on all patriotic Egyptians in the army, police and Central Security Forces to refrain from obeying orders to suppress their brothers and sisters, the sons and daughters of this one homeland, avoid the use of weapons against defenseless people, and to join the people’s revolution against the illegitimate military junta that controls the army and the state.

The ERC pledges that, after the fall of the coup regime, it will spare no effort in defending all those who side with the people and abstain from the use of arms against their own people.

To all army recruits, the loyal and patriotic sons of Egypt…

The Camp David junta generals continue on the path charted by Egypt’s enemies. They erase all the heroic achievement of Abdel-Moneim Riad and Saad-El-Deen El-Shazly. They also killed Ahmed Badawi and his honorable colleagues. This gang is using you as cannon fodder, expendable in its war on your Egyptian brothers and sisters, sacrificing you in absurdly staged battles in the Sinai and the rest of the homeland.

Thus you die without price or purpose, only so the illegitimate coup junta survives, continues in power and privilege, trampling the will of the people and abducting the legitimate President, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, who is still the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Egypt soldiers gave the finest examples of patriotism and selfless devotion throughout the history of modern Egypt. You are not less patriotic than Abdel-Aati the Tanks Hunter of the October 1973 war, or Suleiman Khater, who killed Zionist enemy soldiers in 1986, or the many other Egyptian warriors and heroes.

The Camp David gang has dealt with loyal patriotic Egyptian soldiers with varying degrees of heinous betrayal, disregard and contempt, as in the case of Abdul-Aati the Tank Hunter, who died poor and oppressed. These generals deliberately murdered the honorable soldier Suleiman Khater in his prison cell. Also, they killed hundreds of Central Security soldiers when they revolted to defend their rights and dignity in 1986.

If we all must die, sooner or later, let us all die honorably, defending the homeland, its freedom, independence and free will in a decisive struggle with injustice, oppression and tyranny, praying for martyrdom.

Certainly, the people will triumph, and the coup gang will be defeated and ousted. Since its inception, the ERC has believed in the people and their awareness, and always worked to increase that awareness. Recently, the people have proved us right.

Today, we invite you in the name of freedom, justice and dignity to join the sweeping wave of this decisive Revolution that will not miss any oppressor, traitor or murderer. Choose your place, join the ranks of the Truth which God vowed to reward with ultimate victory; or the ranks of injustice and tyranny which God vowed to defeat.

This is the real decision time. Do not delay. Everyone is waiting for you in the ranks of the victorious.

Egyptian Revolutionary Council

Thursday – November 19, 2015