• October 26, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Statement on Sinai Bloody Events

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Statement on Sinai Bloody Events

 The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) mourns Egypt’s men, the soldiers who were killed in the Sinai without guilt or crime, under a junta regime that turned Egypt into rivers of Egyptians’ blood – the most recent of which was a Faculty of Engineering (University of Alexandria) student called Omar Al-Sharif and the 9-year old child Mohamed Abdul-Mohsen Mohamed, who was killed at the hands of Interior Ministry thugs in Cairo’s Ain-Shams district.

The ERC mourns Egypt’s sons and offers sincere condolences to their families, and stresses the following:

1. Full responsibility for the Sinai attack must be borne by the coup leader Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and the military council, who adopted bloody abysmal confrontational policy towards the people of the Sinai. Indeed, those were treated in the worst and harshest manner by the military state over the past six decades, without a thought for making a real development in the entire Sinai Peninsula.

2. The bloody attack on the Egyptian army in the Sinai is part and parcel of the relentless campaign of daily massacres of innocent people of the Sinai under the pretext of fighting terrorism, without real fair trials, and which left deep wounds in the people’s hearts.

3. The ERC warns of the coup regime’s attempt to uproot and displace the people of Sinai, forcibly moving away all the region’s inhabitants, under the pretext of fighting terrorism. This is contrary to all international conventions, laws and norms, as it is a crime against a swath of the Egyptian people we all cherish and appreciate. Meanwhile, this exposes the complicity of the military junta with the Zionist enemy in evacuating the Sinai as a special service to, and in preparation for, the Zionist project in the region.

4. The ERC believes the solution to the problem of Sinai lies in plans for immediate and future development that ensures reconstruction of this precious spot of Egyptian land, and not in forced displacement of its people. We recall, here, that the legitimate President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, planned for the Sinai real development projects worth 4 billion pounds, but the bloody coup seized allocated funds and used them to kill the people of Sinai.

5. The ERC demands Egyptian military leaders must be put to an urgent trial, especially Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his Minister of Defense, for dragging the army into a losing battle against the Egyptian people in order to seize power.

6. The ERC also holds those military leaders directly responsible for the gross negligence which led to the loss of such a large number of soldiers, as they were distracted from their main and essential military mission by indulging in political affairs.

7. The ERC reiterates that it is of paramount importance that the Egyptian people continue the great Revolution in order to rescue the Egyptian army from the clutches of the junta and its corrupt cronies, who are forcing it to serve their purposes, whims and desires, pushing soldiers onto streets, squares and campuses across the homeland in order to silence the voice of the people who demand freedom – far from original army duties of defending the country from foreign aggression.