• December 26, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Vows No Compromise on Principles, 2011 Revolution Goals

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Vows No Compromise on Principles, 2011 Revolution Goals

Over the past five years, the January 25, 2011 Revolution passed through treacherous twists and turns that swept it off its course and allowed it to fall into the grip of the July 3, 2013 treasonous military coup which wants to eliminate this Revolution altogether.

Now, a few days remain before the anniversary of the January Revolution, a period in which the Revolution mobilizes its strength, closes ranks and gets ready for the next wave of protests against the brutal military coup.

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) assures all Egyptians that it is in constant contact with many revolutionary movement groups on the ground, consulting with them, being guided by their vision, listening to them and planning with them the revolutionary path in this important and difficult days for our Revolution.

The ERC is the living conscience of the Revolution, championing its cause, aims and aspirations, speaking in its name, handling any danger in its path, and warning of any threats against it. Indeed, the ERC has succeeded in helping the Revolution avert many risks.

However, the dangers threatening the Revolution have not stopped. The ERC, therefore, must warn the patriotic Egyptian people against attempts to assimilate, dampen and abort the Revolution. The ERC renews its pledge to you: we will not abandon our responsibility or our duty to address these attempts at whatever cost and whatever the sacrifices.

The ERC will not hesitate to reject any attempts to undermine the Revolution, to divest it of its essence or to spread despair in the hearts of revolutionaries by so-called ‘revolutionary line-up’ efforts, which forfeit the January Revolution’s achievements and fail to commit to the free will of Egyptians expressed through five free elections (including the election of President Mohamed Morsi and his right to complete his term in office, and the right of martyrs’ families to fair retribution). The ERC will also reject these attempts that fail to openly and frankly state that the July 3, 2013 military maneuver was a coup d’état.

Those attempts would not be accepted by the Egyptian people. Therefore, they will not be in any way supported by the ERC. In fact, the ERC will expose the risks of such attempts to Egypt and its popular Revolution, which will not be complete until the military is ousted from the system of governance, and until the state is rebuilt – free from the grip counter-revolution forces.

The ERC will certainly not enter into any alliances with movements that helped pave the way for the July 3, 2013 coup.

God save Egypt, its people and its revolution from all evil

To Ultimate Triumph – Soon.

Egyptian Revolutionary Council

Friday – December 25, 2015