• January 30, 2018
  • 5 minutes read

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Commemorates 7th Anniversary of January 25th Revolution

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Commemorates 7th Anniversary of January 25th Revolution

 The 7th  anniversary of the Egyptian revolution comes amidst a state of hustle and madness as old politicians are still committing all crimes against the revolutionary tide so as to return to false platforms, from which they only gained defeats after defeats, and those who wore the mantle of revolution and filled the World with false cries of bread and justice. In addition to a group of traitors that tramples on our bodies with tanks, burns our present and destroys the future of the coming generations.

Egyptians were confused and misled by these people. The people of Egypt did not spare the revolution any sacrifice, and exerted a heroic struggle every time it felt its liberation has neared, but it always falls in the ambushes of the elite and the military.

Egyptian are in dire need to realize that they will not get their freedom and dignity except by themselves and without waiting for a savior or hero from heaven; but heroes will come from within their men and women in the land of Egypt. The time has come for 100 million Egyptians to replenish their resources of leaders and revolutionaries to restore all sources of power and wealth.

Egypt is rich with its youth, men, and women. The Egyptian Revolutionary Council believes that the Egyptian revolution will not vanish or retreat, and all the desperate attempts to extinguish it are lagging between failure and denial of defeat.

The free people have taken great strides, that we have marched together, on the path of liberation that have brought us closer to freedom and far from falling into the delusions of the military rulers and their proponents. In these days, we pay tribute to the heroic leader Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic. We greatly appreciate his unwavering resolve and heroic perseverance for Egypt and its people for over four years.

Seven years ago, the peoples of Egypt were able to emerge from the caves of false fear. This Awakening brought out the best of amongst us, to force the oppressors to step down from power, and it is still able to do it again, to revive the revolution, and eliminate this tragic and miserable situation in Egypt under the military rule.

May Allah protected our people and homeland. 

Long live the January Revolution. 

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC)