• December 21, 2014
  • 7 minutes read

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Hails Parliamentarians Conference in Istanbul

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Hails Parliamentarians Conference in Istanbul
Today (Saturday), we have witnessed a significant event. That is the first meeting after the coup, of Egypt’s legitimate parliamentarians, those who were elected in free and fair elections, those who truly reflect the legitimate voice of the Egyptian people.

Despite horrid coup crimes aimed at suppressing all free voices and the military junta’s desperate attempts to destroy our Revolution, the Egyptian people’s resistance is still alive at all levels, first and foremost in our beloved Egypt, but also by patriotic citizens outside Egypt.

Electing our parliament for the first time, and choosing the first democratically elected President, Mohamed Morsi, were the greatest steps that followed the January 25 Revolution.

These events indicated that the voice of ordinary Egyptians was really hear – for the first time.

Indeed, for the first time, every Egyptian, man or woman, experienced their right to deliver their opinion and view to those in power, through their MPs. Every Egyptian also experienced their right to take officials to task, hold them accountable and follow the work of all authorities in a transparent and responsible system.

For the first time, Egyptians experienced their right, through their representatives in Parliament, to hold the government, including the head of state, accountable; and had the opportunity to work through parliament on the development of their country and the society through reform and the laws.

For all that, the first Egyptian Parliament (after the Revolution) represents for us the hope and the promise of establishing the first and most important institution in any country, which achieves the desired peaceful reform.

Unfortunately, our democratically-elected Parliament was dissolved by a corrupt judiciary acting in the service of the military junta, amid absurd and suspicious silence and acquiescence of those forces that did not accept the democratic choice of the people and were unwilling to undergo the rules of the democratic process. The dissolution of parliament is nothing less than a crime against the Egyptian people.

In spite of the junta’s unprecedented brutal violence and violations against the brave men, women and children, the great Egyptian people proved they are not afraid, and that they will not tolerate injustice.

This tyrannical fascist regime is weak and scared. It is so unstable, it needs brutal violence and repression against its own people in an unprecedented manner.

Last month, we saw how the mere threat of a demonstration shook the regime and forced it to mobilize the army and freeze-up the whole country. Isn’t this indicative of fear and weakness?

As elected parliamentarians, your duty is clear, to uncover for the whole world, all governments, policy makers and civil society, the heinous crimes committed by the coup regime in Egypt.

You must tell them, through the legitimacy granted to you by the people and their struggle, that we as free people will continue until we liberate our country and restore our elected and legitimate institutions.

I pray that you will be among the first Egyptians that will liberate our homeland and restore legitimacy of our institutions and begin the journey to eliminate corruption. Above all, I hope you will reclaim for the people their rights. They elected you to achieve the goals of the Revolution and to safeguard the people’s right to freedom, social justice and a decent life.

We will reinstate our legitimate President Mohamed Morsi

We will reinstate our legitimate Parliament

We will achieve the goals of our Revolution

– Egyptian Revolutionary Council

Saturday, December 20, 2014