• December 28, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Egyptian Revolutionary Council: 500 Days Since Rabaa, Nahda Massacres Executed by Junta Forces

Egyptian Revolutionary Council: 500 Days Since Rabaa, Nahda Massacres Executed by Junta Forces

 500 days have passed since the worst massacres in Egypt’s modern history, the notorious and treacherous massacres of Rabaa and Nahda squares committed by the military putschists.

For the first time in the history of modern Egypt, debauchery and murder of innocents takes place in the streets with snipers, tanks and armored vehicles chasing and shooting dead unarmed anti-coup protesters. For the first time in Egypt, mosques, hospitals and protesters are burnt in public, with some of the wounded burnt alive.

For the first time, the honorable realize that the enemy of freedom and dignity is not a single entity but an army of interested parties using weapons provided by the military coup regime, which covered up deposed Mubarak’s crimes.

Now, in memory of the bombing of the Church of Two Saints, as Mubarak and Al-Adly as well as their men are acquitted, anyone who chants for the overthrow of the repressive illegitimate junta regime, or demands they are put on trial, is hunted, killed or tortured, maimed and displaced.

Now, there is no way but continued, persistent serious resistance and work to uproot the corrupt murderous dictatorship and end military rule. There is no longer time to wait around for yet more murder and oppression. We have witnessed enough junta murders and treachery in the Church of Two Saints, Mohamed Mahmoud Street, Qaeed Ibrahim Mosque, Tahrir square, Balloon Theater, Masbero building, Rabaa Square, Nahda Square, Republican Guard Club building, Ramses Square, and the villages, towns and cities of Delga, Kerdasa, Rafah, Nahia and others.

Enough coup security attacks on universities, trampling of students’ future. Enough arbitrary arrest and detention of people, young and old, women and children. Enough death sentences for the innocent and exoneration of the deposed and his gang. Enough disregard for human blood and human rights.

Powerful popular will in liberty squares across Egypt, and the rejection of injustice, despotism and tyranny, is capable of defeating those who illegitimately grabbed power, those who have all the weapons. It is our duty to break all forces, all weapons that seek to destroy the Egyptian people, sabotage their future and tear the fabric of Egyptian society.

It is a religious and national duty to close ranks now and unite around the rejection of injustice, tyranny and corruption. It is time for coordination and work towards a decisive hour that will not miss out any of the murderers or oppressors. All true patriotic citizens must work to take Egypt out its current crises, heal its wounds and its contrived sectarian strife, away from partisan goals or personal interests.