Egyptian Security Cancels Al Meseiri’s ”Analysis Of Jokes”

Egyptian state security police is currently fighting “jokes”; security forces blocked a seminar held by Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Meseiri about “the analysis of jokes”.
In a serious precedent that reveals the Egyptian regime’s tightening grip on freedom of expression against intellectuals, the security forces canceled a seminar held by Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Meseiri about “the analysis of jokes”.
Attendants at Saqiet Abdul Moneim el-Sawi, Zamalek, were informed that a seminar on “classifying and analyzing jokes” by the noted intellectual Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Meseiri, the general coordinator of Kifaya Movement, scheduled on Sunday evening, was cancelled.
The Saqiet officials said that the seminar was canceled because Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Meseiri felt ill; however, Dr. Al Meseiri, arrived suddenly and informed them that the state security phoned him on Saturday and told him that it, the state security service, canceled the seminar, but he insisted on coming so that every one knows that the reason for canceling the seminar isn’t his ill health but the state security police that controls every thing in Egypt.
Dr. Al Meseiri told Ikhwanweb that: The seminar was allocated for shedding light on some jokes, analyzing them, in addition to speaking about the history of comedy.
Al Meseiri raised his eyebrows at the fear of Egyptian regime and security bodies from a joke and from a seminar held to talk about jokes.
Al Meseiri added that the regime that claims protecting freedoms from Islamists is the one that represses freedoms to the extent of preventing a cultural seminar on groundless allegations.
Al-Meseiri pointed out that the Egyptian regime is treating the opposition in a tough way; this is clearly illustrated in passing the constitutional amendments that aims at bringing in more repression, dictatorship and Tawreeth.
The Kifaya movement coordinator said that the movement will continue its demonstrations protesting at the constitutional amendments.
Al Meseiri demanded the Egyptian people to participate in the demonstration that Kifaya Movement called to next Tuesday in front of the People’s Assembly.

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