• December 11, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Egyptian security cracks down on Azhar Free Union students

Egyptian security cracks down on Azhar Free Union students

Asyut’s Al-Azhar University dismissed- out of security pressures- a number of Muslim Brotherhood students, referred dozens of them to disciplinary boards and sent warnings to others to their houses in various governorates, in the fiercest campaign of such a kind against MB students in this university.

The dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy referred- in cooperation with the security- 16 students in the faculty to disciplinary panels on charge of participating in the elections of the Faculty’s Free Student Union, more than 3 weeks ago.

The spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood students said that: they postponed carrying out the dismissals so that they come during the first term exams to prevent the students from attending them and fail.

In the Faculty of Dentistry, two students were dismissed for a month, without referring them to any disciplinary board or legal affairs, this means that they may be denied access to the faculty’s practical exams; also, the faculty dean threatened with dismissing more students without any legal procedures if they photocopied any exam memos of the first term, something they do to help their fellow students.

Also, the guard chief of the Faculty of Dentistry- appointed only days ago-  started his activities with sending letters threatening parents of the students that their sons will be dismissed for breaking the university rules !!. Also, he accused the dorm students of breaking the rules of the dormitory through participating in demonstrations and helping Muslim Brotherhood students enter the student dormitory.

What raises eyebrows is that these letters of threats were not signed by the dean of the faculty dean,.

In the Faculty of Medicine, the security sent warnings of dismissal for a week from the university to all Muslim Brotherhood students; when a student showed there warnings to the faculty dean and showed him his signatures on the letters,!! The dean said that these letters are forged and that he did not sign on any of them, and promised to investigate into the issue; these letters of threats are still sent to families of the students until now !!