Egyptian Security Denies Military Court Detainee Treatment

Egyptian Security Denies Military Court Detainee Treatment

In a serious development to the health of Hassan Zalat, one of the forty MB court-martialed leaders, The medical commission decided he must necessarily undergo an open heart surgery as quick as possible because his life is at risk. However, the prison hospital refuses to release him or allocate the money required for holding such a surgery.


It”s worth mentioning that the medical commission refused, a month ago, to allocate 18 thousand pounds ($3200) to install a stent for the heart of Hassan Zalat under the pretext that the money required is too huge a sum. The open heart surgery costs 50 to 80 thousand pounds!

Asked whether the family can allocate the required costs of the surgery, Omar Hassan Zalat said that the family is totally ready to pay all the cost of the surgery so that his father undergoes it in a specialized center. However, he confirms that the Egyptian security will not allow them to do so and that the centers where he is allowed to undergo the surgery are not specialized .


Even if Zalat is allowed to to leave his detention at Al-Manial university hospital, the security will not deal with them with freedom, and that the guard will be heavy, said Zalat”s son Omar .

Omar confirmed that the harassments against his detained bedridden father shows the grave injustice in their case and prove that these jailers are heartless.


Dr. Hassan Zalat is a professor in the Faculty of Sharia and Law who is referred along with forty MB leaders to the military tribunal after the alleged case of Al-Azhar student militias, the seventh military trial for the Brotherhood under Mubarak rule.