Egyptian Security Forces Arrest, Beat Al-Azhar Worshippers

The Egyptian authorities arrested 26 demonstrators and denied hundreds access to Al-Azhar mosque to protest Israeli violations of Al Aqsa Mosque compound.
Egyptian security forces detained dozens of worshippers in front of Al-Azhar mosque after they were prevented from entering the mosque and were beaten by plain clothed police agents.
Several cities across Egypt witnessed huge demonstrations protesting the Israeli aggressions on the holey Al Aqsa Mosque; demonstrators demanded severing relations with Israel and expelling its ambassador in Cairo .

Many political leaders and religious clerics criticized the Interior Ministry’s heavy handed measures against largely peaceful demonstrations which brought back memories of brutality committed by police during recent elections.
Dr. Mahmoud Ghazlan, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau, expressed his anger at the Interior Ministry’s irrational behavior at the Al-Azhar mosque, and denounced security forces blocking worshippers from praying and canceling a vigil planned inside mosque to protest the events in the Palestinian territories.

Dr. Ghazlan affirmed that the israeli aggresions hurt the feelings of Muslims who are not doing enough to protect the sanctity of the Holy Mosque. He also criticized the government for its laxity towards Israeli aggressions and allowing police to prevent citizens from peacefully expressing their anger. 

Dr. Abdul Hamid Al Ghazali, the political advisor for the MB chairman and professor of economy at Cairo University, also denounced the excessive use of force by police on Friday and blocking worshippers from entering Al-Azhar  “It is a hideous crime to prevent worshippers from praying on Friday.  He added that Israel is committing these violations because of the current inaction by the Arab regimes.
Dr. Magdi Qorqor
, a leader in the Labour Party, described the police action at al Azhar compound on friday as “disgraceful and stunning”

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