Egyptian Security Forces Detain 21 Supporters of MB MP

Egyptian Security Forces Detain 21 Supporters of MB MP

Dr. Farid Ismail (member of the parliamentary bloc of the Muslim Brotherhood in the People’s Assembly) could not imagine that the conference which he held to introduce his achievements of over three years, before people of his province, and to introduce what he is going to do in the coming parliamentary session, will result in the detention of many people of his province.

Egyptian security forces ordered detention of 21 of the conference attendants, after they arrested 30 participants in the conference after storming it last November 7. They were supported by scores of Central Security police.  Fakkoos Prosecution released 26 of the detainees but the decision has not been implemented yet, and it ordered the arrest of 15 others who received a release warrant later by the same prosecution.

The Interior Ministry issued an arrest warrant last Tuesday, November 11 against 12 citizens, and they are Samir Abdul Salam, Ismail Abdul Wahab, Ibrahim Sayed Ahmed, Ashraf Haggag, Mohamed Ismail, Mohamed El Baz, Mahmoud Al Sayed Ibrahim, Ahmed Mohamed Haroun, Atef Hamid, Abdul Badeia Nasrallah, Samir Al Maadawy and Mahmoud Rashad.

Then an arrest warrant was issued for four citizens last Thursday for their participation in the conference, and they are (Mohamed Al Zayat, Al Sayed Abdul Qadir, Jamal Abdul Wahab and Al Sayed Eissa), whom the Criminal Court of Zagazig decided to release after the decision of Zagazig Appeals Court, but the Interior Ministry applied its usual policy of not respecting the judicial rulings, and issued arrest warrants according to the emergency law.

An arrest warrant was issued for five Brothers, and they are (Dr. Mohamed Al Hawwari, Dr. Amjad Abdul Aziz, Jamal Hassan, Abdallah Al Zahawy and Abu Obaeida Al Aqeed ), whom Fakkoos Prosecution decided to release, and this decision was endorsed by Fakkoos Criminal Appeals Court decision Saturday. However, they have not been released yet, and it is expected that an arrest warrant will be issued for them, like what happened with the others, thus increasing the number of Fakkoos MP rally detainees to 21.

MP Dr. Fred Ismail (MP of Fakkoos constituency) confirmed in statements to Ikhwanweb that the arrest of 21 persons who participated in his conference, shows the political failure of the National Democratic Party (NDP) and the government, adding that they do not respect the constitution or the law, and that they have lost their legitimacy and popularity among the citizens.

He also accused the NDP of its inability to solve the problems which Egypt faces, and he explained that this inability is behind those oppressions and pressures exerted on the MPs who are fulfilling their duty, as these public conferences expose the government and the NDP.

He pointed out that this is the first time when MP’s public conference is stormed by police, and he demanded to hold the government and the Minister of the Interior accountable for this act, which he described as “serious.”

He referred to the memorandum he submitted to Dr. Fathi Sorour (speaker of People’s Assembly) which stated that the order of the PA confirms that the President of the PA should protect its members from any violation of the legal immunity endorsed by the PA, and he denounced the reaction of the NDP MPs towards the memorandum, as they censured it. He added that the primary objective of politics is to meet with citizens in order to identify their problems and try to solve them.

The police reaction, the MP said, and the procedures following it, represent a human rights violation, and deprive the people of communicating with real and honest deputies whom they elected and chose to express them. This is also considered one of the Egyptian regime’s attempts to suppress the activity of Muslim Brotherhood MPs and to prevent them from communicating with the people.