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  • August 27, 2008
  • 6 minutes read

Egyptian SSI Arrest 20 Muslim Brotherhood Youth, Ex-MP

Egyptian SSI Arrest 20 Muslim Brotherhood Youth, Ex-MP

State Security forces arrested on Wednesday former Muslim Brotherhood MP Dr. Al Sayed Abdul Hamid from the Nile Delta Sharqeyya governorate after storming his house in the afternoon, along with 20 MB graduate students.


Five central security trucks and nine microbuses cordoned the house of the former MP Dr Abdul Hamid- who is also a Muslim Brotherhood leader- and imposed a blockade on the area after sealing off Al-Tahrir street, Abu Kabeer”s biggest street.


The security campaign continued for hours during which the house of Dr. Al Sayed Abdul Hamid was stormed and he was arrested along with some 20 university graduates in their graduation party. The arrested students are graduates of various faculties.


The detainees include: Bassam Ali Al-Sayyed (a teacher), Atiya Ibrahim, Mahmoud Badawi Saber, Al-Sayyed Mohamed Atiya, Ahmed Abdul Salam Arafa, Mohamed Atef Salah, and Alaa Abdul Qader.


Sweeps of arrests targeted MB members over the past week. The arrests are part of days-long crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood bookstores, offices, leaders and cadres in various Egyptian governorates. Dr. Al Sayed Abdul Hamid was arrested several months ago prior to the municipal elections.


On Wednesday, the Interior Ministry refused to execute the release warrant for Dr. Mohamed Wahdan, MB Professor at the faculty of Agriculture, Suez University after seven months in Wadi Annatroun prison. Wahdan was arrested in the case against MB Professor Abdul Hai Faramawi who was accused of financing Hamas, but the charges against him were dropped and he was acquitted. The Cairo higher state security prosecution has acquitted Wahdan last Sunday August 24. He is currently kept in custody in the state security office in Ismailia governorate.


Moreover, a state security force stormed house of MB leader and candidate for the 2005 parliament elections Mohamed Heleesi in Kafr El Sheikh, smashed the doors of the three-story house, seized two computers, and several books and papers, but did not find Heleesi.