• February 5, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

Egyptian State Security Arrests MB Sharqiya Member

Egyptian State Security Arrests MB Sharqiya Member

Egyptian State Security arrested a Muslim Brotherhood cadre in front of a medical commission in the city of Zagazig while he was going to hold a medical examination .

The State Security Police of Sharqiya arrested Emad Abdul Ma’bood, a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) cadre in the governorate, north of Cairo, in front of the Zagazig medical commission while he was going to hold a medical examination .

Abdul Ma’bood, a teacher, appeared before the prosecution on Sunday, and was expected to be thrown behind bars with his the 13 MB fellow members who were arrested from their homes in Zagazig on Tuesday, Jan., 2, 2007, and are still under arrest although they were acquitted by the ruling of the Zagazig Appeals court on Jan., 8, 2007, after they lodged an appeal against the detentions.

The detainees who have been acquitted by the court while the Egyptian state security refuses to release them are:

Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani – an ophthalmology professor at Zagazig University and a Muslim Brotherhood leader and a member in the group’s political committee.
Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani is the older brother of Ayman Abdul Ghani who is married to daughter of the MB second deputy chairman.
He was arrested three times before this, the latest of which was last June as he was jailed for two months pending trial and he was arrested in January 2005 for six months; also, he was jailed for three years on the court-martials against hundreds of MB members in 1995.

Eng. Yasser Roshdi– a manager of the project of improving the city of Zagazig.

Dr Mohsen Qahwa – Owner and manager of the Engineering Electronics company.

Mr. Abdullah Al Bahrawi – (Lawyer and ex-member in the Bar syndicate in Sharqiya).

Mohamed Nagib Abdul Ghani Ibrahim – General Manager of the legal affairs in the West Zagazig Education District.

Ashraf Al-Baghdadi – Employee in the Authority of Electricity.

Hassan Othman – French language teacher.

Eng. Mohamed Ezzat – Owner of an engineering company.

Abdul Hamid Ahmed Abdou – Accountant in the Agricultural Authority in Zagazig.

Maher Abdul Latif – an employee in a contracting company.

Tamer Sobhi Nasruddin – Student in the Faculty of Education, Arabic Dep.

Osama Ibrahim – Employee in Al-Azhar Education Department.