Egyptian Universities Clubs Attack Prime Minister

Egyptian Universities Clubs Attack Prime Minister

Members of Egyptian universities clubs attacked Dr. Ahmed Nazif, the Prime Minister, because of his decision to except research centers from having the financial allowances that have been adopted in the framework of the project of increasing the incomes of teaching staff members stipulated by good performance, which was approved by the Supreme Council of Universities, that was according to the General Conference of the Egyptian universities clubs which was held today.

Dr. Sabri Al Nujomi, president of the club of members of the teaching staff of research centers, threatened to resign and to escalate the situation, demanding to speed the implementation of the prime minister”s promise to give allowances for everyone without exception; by last March.

On the other hand Dr. Abdullah Sorour, spokesman for National Committee for the Defense of the University and a member in the club of Alexandria University teaching staff, demanded discussing some important issues in the universities clubs” agenda of work such as: the independence of the Egyptian universities, determining the role of the Supreme Council of Universities and confines it to include the advisory role only, the Declaration of the universities” budgets and the government support for them, the stress on the importance of the return of democracy to the academic life, especially with regard to the selection of university leadership, and ensuring immunity to the university professor and student, as well as providing a new student list and identifying clearly the functions and the role of the Egyptian universities clubs, in addition to the seek to stop security, political and administrative interventions in the university affairs.
Sorour also demanded to make a unified plan for scientific research in universities, and to establish a supplementary fund for teaching staff members, and not only be satisfied with conditional allowances. He also suggested a draft to activate treatment associations in universities, on the condition that the Ministry of Higher Education will introduce general rules to ensure treatment for teachers at low prices.

The club members agreed on forming a subcommittee to define the mechanisms of applying “Hilal Project” to increase incomes, through which allowances will be provided, by the end of this month, and will be circulated to all universities; so as to avoid problems in applying the project. The conference will announce its recommendations tomorrow, Friday.

Ikhwanweb had observed a state of tension inside the research centers of the ministries; especially after the universities professors” demand to be included in the project, and their threat to sue the ministers who would not apply the project, but ministers argued that they had not received a formal letter in this regard; which threatens applying the project in the coming period.