Egyptian University Students Protest Gaza Holocaust

Egyptian University Students Protest Gaza Holocaust

Thousands of Egyptian university students held demonstrations protesting the massacres and war crimes committed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) against Gaza residents throughout the past few days.
The most prominent of these demonstrations was the one in Cairo University , it lasted for more than four hours and witnessed clashes between security forces and students. They security forces assaulted the students and caused slight injuries for some of them.

The students- representing various parties and powers across the political spectrum in Egypt plus other students who care less for politics but were affected by these massacres- called on Arab rulers to intervene in order to stop what the Israeli War Minister described as holocaust. They also called for opening border crossings between Egypt and Gaza to receive those injured by the IOF strikes in addition to exercising pressures on the Israeli occupation authorities to stop these heinous massacres.

The same happened in Alexandria . Muslim Brotherhood students at Alexandria University organized a demonstration in which they condemned the rulers” official silence and not taking a firm attitude towards the crimes committed against civilians in Gaza .

More than 2000 students gathered at Alexandria University “s Faculty of Commerce on Sunday afternoon where they condemned the IOF massacres against the Palestinian people.

The students condemned also the passive official reactions, referring to statements of the Egyptian Foreign Minister when Palestinians broke into Rafah Crossing seeking food and fuel as the minister said that he ” will break the legs of any one infringing into borders”, while he has never issued any comment when a young Egyptian child was killed by IOF fires on Egyptian borders.

These demonstrations extended to other Egyptian universities where Muslim Brotherhood students demonstrated along with other students demanding an immediate intervention to stop this holocaust committed by Israeli Occupation against civilians in Gaza .