Egyptian Youth Launch Facebook Page To Expose Remnants of Mubarak Regime

Egyptian Youth Launch Facebook Page To Expose Remnants of Mubarak Regime

 A group of Egyptian revolutionary youth launched a page on the social networking site Facebook called “Emsek folool”, or “Chase the Former Regime Remnants,” with the goal of exposing remnants of the Mubarak regime who are trying to infiltrate Egyptian politics again through the Parliamentary elections.

“Ruling Party Remnants” or "Folool al Nizam" is a term used following the January 25 Revolution describing corrupt officials from the outlawed National Democratic Party.

The tongue-in-cheek page is dedicated to shed a satirical light on the measures used by former officials hoping to make a comeback into the political arena and into their old posts. The page also hopes to eradicate the unethical behaviour which was widely present during the former regime’s rule in addition to eliminating the widespread thuggery, violence and breaches and cleansing the system from blackmail, fraud and corruption.

The page’s members which rocketed to nearly 20,000 in less than a week have proved to be pro-active communicating via email and have exposed new political parties formed from officials from the regime’s remnants. These parties include Bedaya, Al-Mawaten Almasry, Alhurreya, Masr Alkawmy, Masr Alnahda, Masr Altanmeya, and Masr Alhaditha.

The page has set an event for exposing and cleansing Egypt from corrupt officials in the Lawyers syndicate by documenting their names before the syndicate’s elections scheduled for October 15.