Egyptians allegedly attack Algerians in Kuwait

Egyptians allegedly attack Algerians in Kuwait

 Egyptians are still fuming over their ousting from the World Cup. As Algerians celebrated Friday’s draw for next year’s World Cup finals in South Africa, three Algerian citizens were allegedly beaten by Egyptians in the Kuwaiti capital city, local newspapers reported. Al-Shahed daily reported that three Egyptians became enraged and attacked an Algerian at a cafe in Hawalli in response to tense words spoken between the groups.

The newspaper said that the Algerian citizen was allegedly beaten severely by three Egyptians at the cafe and had to be rushed to a local hospital where he is currently in the intensive care unity of the Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital.

They reported a security source had said the Egyptians were discussing the recent match between Egypt and Algeria in Sudan – which ended in a 1-0 victory for the Algerians – and this conversation “developed into a heated debate when the Egyptians tried to make fun of the Algerian.

Egypt and Algeria have been at odds culturally and diplomatically following the match in Khartoum last month after reports of attacks against Egyptians were published after the match. Egyptian mobs in Cairo attempted to attack the Algerian embassy in Cairo two days after the match, but were pushed back by security, but not before they destroyed a number of shops in the Zamalek neighborhood of the Egyptian capital.

In Algeria, the Egypt Air office was attacked by angry Algerians, showing how football can quickly take on another meaning for the two North African nations.

One of the Egyptians allegedly grabbed a shisha pot and hit it on the head of the Algerian and his friends too pounced on the victim and beat him mercilessly.

Acting on information paramedics rushed to the spot and took the man to the hospital. The Egyptians are detained at the Hawalli Police Station for interrogation.

The incident is the first between the two people’s in more than a week.


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