Egyptians Closely Follow Ben Ali’s Hearing

Egyptians Closely Follow Ben Ali’s Hearing

As the Arab Spring continues, apprehension surrounds the region following the anticipated court hearings of the ousted Ben Ali of Tunisia and the upcoming trial of the deposed Mubarak of Egypt.

On Monday, a Tunisian court sentenced Zine el Din Ben Ali and his wife, Leila Trabelsi, in absentia to 35 years in prison each, and a fine of nearly $70 million. Ben Ali and his wife were tried for embezzlement, corruption and the misuse of public funds state news media said on Monday night.

According to an article in the New York, the dictator is still to face a host of accusations including the possession of illegal drugs, firearms and archaeological relics found in his palaces. He will also be tried for ordering the killing of civilians in his bid to remain in power. 

With the uprisings and domino effect of a much oppressed and angry people, Egyptians are following the court proceedings closely as they prepare for Mubarak and his family’s trial scheduled for August 3.

Both corrupt leaders have stirred debate over how to balance public demands for swift justice with a more deliberative demonstration of the rule of law.

Fears are widespread as tabloids report of contradicting stories concerning Mubarak’s health. While some cite the ousted Mubarak is suffering from cancer, others downplay his illness.

An article in the LA Times,full.story cites that a committee of doctors appointed to assess Mubarak’s state of health said in late May that he should not be moved to a prison hospital because he was depressed, had poor blood circulation and was at risk of a sudden heart attack. News of his trial due to his health seems unclear.

One thing is certain though, following the popular uprising in Egypt which were driven by anger following decades of corruption and widespread poverty, the Egyptians have abandoned 30 years of apathy and will not be caught in the web of lies, repression, injustices, violations and excuses they lived in most of their lives and will continue to demand justice be served.