Egyptians denounce security forces’ assault on activists opposing inheritance of power

Egyptians denounce security forces’ assault on activists opposing inheritance of power

The Popular Campaign to Support the Nomination of ElBaradei and the Demands of Change, has condemned the violent means used by the state security apparatus against a protest which included  300 Egyptians gathering in Cairo and Alexandria against what they believed were plans to hand over power to the president’s son.

In a statement to news agencies, the group maintained that the detention, humiliation and excessive use of force and torture by the regime’s agents will neither intimidate its members and other national youth movements nor dissuade them from continuing their call for reform and change in Egypt . They criticized the current situation where they asserted the country fell prey to the greed of a handful of businessmen and NDP’s corrupters led by Gamal Mubarak

"We will proceed on our way in a bid to end Gamal Mubarak’s possible succession and we will pay the price of this", campaign’s members stated".

MP Hamdi Hassan, spokesman for the MB parliamentary bloc, condemned the brutal treatment of the demonstrators in Cairo and Alexandria .

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, the MB’s Media spokesman said: "We salute and support the Egyptian protestors who turned out in a peaceful way," adding:" The Protests express the people’s rejection to Egypt ‘s Police State that does not allow freedom of expression".

Dr. Hassan stressed that the aggravated assault against April 6 Youth Movement, Kefaya and other groups by Interior Ministry is a grave sin. He added "These hideous acts are tarnishing Egypt ‘s reputation internationally.

MB MP Sobhi Saleh affirmed that the anti-bequeathing protests will be a beginning of public outcry demanding the regime to take it into account.

"Negligence of popular anger by tackling it with such violent means demonstrates political ignorance committed by the ruling regime".

Dr. Abdul Jalil Mustafa, from the National Association for Change (NAC), criticized the Police beating of the demonstrators stressing that the Egyptians completely reject the inheritance of power and deem it an affront to human dignity.