Egyptians describe elections as rigged and fraud

Egyptians describe elections as rigged and fraud

A recent report indicates that the Egyptian elections should not be confused by any national opinion survey.

According to the Middle East Report Information Project (MERIP), reports reveal that citizens believe that election results are fabricated and rigged with no integrity during the elections.  
The report highlights that despite the renewed incentive to boycott in 2010; most major opposition forces have announced their participation in the scheduled November poll.

The report maintained that most Egyptians steer clear of elections since they believe it either presents physical danger or that there is no incentive in casting a ballot.

The MB’s last electoral victory in the 2005 elections, triggered an even stronger crackdown on the opposition with the reshaping of the political arena and changes to the constitution and electoral laws.
In turn, the legislation weakened the popular Muslim Brotherhood’s position strengthening the ruling NDP’s organization.

The laws are intended to limit the Muslim Brotherhood candidates to a few seats which aims at ending, once and for all, the group’s status both on the national and international level.