Egyptians In Vienna Protest At Mubarak’s Constitutional Amendments

The Egyptian community in Vienna demonstrated on Friday at president Mubarak’s repressive constitutional amendments that his NDP parliamentarians approved, widening the gap between this autocratic regime and all Egyptians.
Many members of the Egyptian community in Vienna held a demonstration, in front of the UN building, protesting at the president Mubarak-proposed constitutional amendments that MPs of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) approved in the People’s Assembly last week, while MPs representing the Muslim Brotherhood, independents and opposition parties rejected them.
This demonstration witnessed a considererable presence; the dozens of participants represent the Democratic National Assembly in Austria, an umbrella group that includes a number of Arab institutions, foremost among which are the Islamic Cultural Complex (Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Austria), and the Forum of Muslim Youth in addition to Turks and Syrians affiliated to the Austrian Arab Doctors’ Union.
The demonstrators distributed the Amnesty International’s statement that criticized the amendments and called on members of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (lower chamber of parliament) to refuse them because they are ” the greatest erosion of human rights in 26 years”.
The organizers said also in a statement that” the Egyptian regime’s insistence on its one-sided wording and suggestions to these articles, lead to producing deformed, defective and contradictory articles that does not achieve any interest or lead to any progress or development”. The statement called on the Egyptian people to boycott the referendum on the new constitutional amendments.
In a phone call to Ikhwanweb, Sayyed Al Shirbini, the press spokesman of the Democratic National Assembly said:” The amendments that the Egyptian NDP controlled parliament approved are against the principles of human rights, the international charters and the international covenants of human rights.
Al Shirbini confirmed that the coming anti-terrorism law who will be tougher than the emergency law and will make Egypt a police state ruled by a junta, like previous eras.
In a related context, the London-based Egypt Democratic Society organizes in Britain next Monday a demonstration in front of the building of the Egyptian embassy in London to protest at the constitutional amendments; the Egyptian community there called for taking part in this protest.
In Cairo, a number of web activists called on all political movements to organize a sit-in in Tahrir Square next Sunday to protest at these amendments billed by the government as reforms but they are all actually leading to more repression and tyranny; the call that has been posted on the activists weblogs said that” this demonstration may be the last one before turning Egypt from a republic into a private estate ” referring to would-be-amended article 179 that, experts sat, will constitutionally turn Egypt into a police state.
The amendments include introducing a text to the constitutional article 179 to pave the way for giving the security services absolute powers in arresting persons, ransacking houses and phone wiretapping as part of an ant-terrorism law that will be drafted to replace the state of emergency; the amendments include also sidelining the role of judges in supervising elections according to the amendment of article 88 that gives supervising elections to an independent commission to be selected by the NDP-controlled executive authority; the amendments hurt the Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest opposition group, because they introduce a text banning any political activity on a religious basis apparently undermining the group’s hopes for forming a political party.