Egyptians to Vote Among Most Prominent Anti-Corruption Figures and Websites

Corruption does not just create poverty and injustice… Corruption actually KILLS

So on the occasion of the “World’s Anti-Corruption Day**” Shayfeencom & AEHRO are announcing the launch of an annual competition to vote on:

The Egyptian Citizen who exposed the biggest case of corruption
The Website that uncovered (through documented and unbiased investigations) corruption.

And to ensure a transparent and unbiased selection and voting process, the nominees were short listed by a special committee including:

Business & Economics University Professors: Dr. Mohamed Dweidar & Dr. Gouda Abdel Khalek.
The Famous “anti-corruption” reporters: Mr. Ibrahim Eissa- the Editor of El Destour Newspaper, Mr. Wael El Ibrachy – Executive Editor of Sot El Umma – Mr. Hazen Sherif – Editor ElMal financial Newspaper and Mr. Hisham Kassem the Publisher.
The Nominees are:

1. Chancellor Noha El Zeiny for her public report on the fraud that she witnessed as she supervised the 2005 Parliamentary Elections.

2. Engineer Yehia Hussein Abdel Hady – member of the Omar Effendi Assessment committee – for his report to the Public Prosecutor on the corruption issues that marred the sale of the company.

3. Mr. Ahmed El Naggar – member of the board of directors of Al Ahram Organization – for reporting to the Public Prosecutor on corruption issues at Al Ahram Newspaper.

4. Chancellor Hisham El Bastawisi for publicly demanding an investigation of the reported Electoral fraud.
5. Dr. Mohamed Rafik Khalil for his continuous and consistent Call to Fight Corruption.

6. Mr. Saad Khattab on publishing the “Black Book” which included documentation on the corruption of Egypt’s past Minister of Housing.

The Selected Websites are:
1. The Land Center for uncovering the torture cases that happened in some of Egypt’s police stations.

2. Kefaya for compiling and issuing a well documented report on corruption.

3. Misr Digital for exposing the truth on the sexual harassment case.

4. Torture in Egypt for ….
Please Participate; and Vote,
Choose “Egyptian Citizen Number One” and the “Website Against Corruption” on the Vote Screens of, AEHRO and Masr ElYom,  SMS 0122266497
The Votes shall be counted on Saturday December 9th, 2006 at 2pm under the supervision of Judge Said El Gammal and in the attendance of the members of the nominating committee, members from the Civil Society …and you are most welcome to attend.
The address is : 14 Ahrar Street, Dokki, Giza.

** On December 9th the World Celebrates the signature of the UN anti-corruption Convention:

Egypt is a signatory to the UN’s Convention on Anti-corruption (which was ratified by the Parliament and the Shoura Council in February of 2005).

The convention is a breakthrough in international cooperation for it calls on the signatories to:

1. Actively encourage and promote the involvement of the civil society in fighting corruption.
2. Criminalizing the trading in influence and the concealment of the proceeds of corruption.
3.  Agree on asset recovery (which is stated explicitly as a fundamental principle of the convention). Corrupt individuals and officials will no longer be able to escape from Egypt and live without fear of persecution.
4. Support and protect the citizens, reporters and civil society organizations who report corruption activities (with good intentions).


[doc] Corruption in Egypt Kefaya Movement of Egypt 1,004.50

Ikhwanweb: It is worth noting that Chancellor Noha El Zeiny and Chancellor Hisham El Bastawisi declared their appreciation to this annual competion but they demanded not including their names because they said that what they did was their duty and they don’t need any reward for it.