Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Calls for Continued Jerusalem Protests

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Calls for Continued Jerusalem Protests

The US President Donald Trump announcement of the transfer of his country’s embassy to Jerusalem is a revealing moment regarding the value of Jerusalem and its sensitivity to all Arabs and Muslims, except for the traitorous rulers and some  groups that are ripped of their identity and faith.

Arabs and Muslims are uprising in rejection of the American decision, and in defense of Jerusalem as the Capital of the independent Palestinian state. Many Egyptians rallied in response to a call from the National Anti-Coup Coalition to protest, they marched in many places across the country under the slogan: "uprise for Jerusalem". Other Egyptians participated in protests called by Al Azhar, Press Syndicate, and Lawyers’ Syndicate, as well as in other areas in defense of Jerusalem.

The National Anti-Coup Coalition salutes and appreciates these popular moves in defense of Jerusalem in Egypt and elsewhere. It calls for a new revolutionary week titled ‘Loyalty to Al Quds (Jerusalem)’. Al Quds is the first Muslim Qiblah and the third of the two Holy Shrines. Jerusalem is the destination of the Messenger’s Night Journey. Jerusalem is the title of our honor and dignity. We shall remain loyal to Jerusalem and will never relinquish it. 

We pay tribute to the persevering  people in Al Quds, and the steadfast on the streets and in the prisons of Egypt, on top of them the legitimate president Mohamed Morsi, who never failed to defend Jerusalem and all of Palestine, and are now paying a high price.

The coalition also renews its rejection of the arbitrary death sentences issued on Thursday, and the others issued earlier, and affirms that these verdicts are political, aimed at breaking the resolve and soul of the resistance against the military coup, which will never happen. We say to the families of those heroes sentenced to death: keep your trust and faith in Allah, as no self will die before reaching its pre-destined day."When their time has come, then they will not remain behind an hour, nor will they precede [it]." (Yunus: 49). 

Jerusalem will be liberated, and it will be the Capital of Palestine. We will pray in Al Aqsa, and the freedom fighters in Egypt and Palestine will emerge victorious from their prisons.

Long live Jerusalem as a symbol of dignity, down to the occupation and the rule of military junta.

The National Anti-Coup Coalition, and Support Legitimacy. 

Cairo, Egypt