• September 5, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Calls “People Protect Revolution” Friday September 6

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Calls “People Protect Revolution” Friday September 6

A greeting of affection and pride to the great Egyptian people.

You have astounded the world with your strong will in holding on to democratic and constitutional legitimacy.

You have proved to the world, with your youthful revolution, your right to the path of democracy.

You have taught the world, with your daily persistent and peaceful protests and activities, the meaning of perseverance and steadfastness.

You have turned out by the millions for more than sixty continuous days, filling all the streets and squares of our beloved Egypt in support of your glorious January 25th Revolution.

You have given your blood generously to wrest the freedom of your homeland. Your blood has watered and nourished every part of the pure land of Egypt, in Rabaa, Nahda, the Republican Guard’s Club, Ramses and all the squares of liberty, dignity and nobility.

O great people of Egypt…  The wave of hatred and enmity propagated and foolishly, shamelessly practiced day and night by supporters of the coup, and the prevalent chaos, destruction, repression and corruption, call us all to close ranks and unite for the sake of Egypt – to continue our daily demonstrations and peaceful protest activities in order to break their transgressions, and for the return of legitimacy, to safeguard the gains of January 25th Revolution. We must do this tirelessly and persistently until the coup is defeated.

O great people of Egypt…  Do not lose hope, for that is what they count on.  And do not let yourself be dragged to acts of violence, for that is what they want.

O great people of Egypt…  Grasp your faith well so that your motivation does not weaken due to their brutal actions; that is what they intend.  And do not listen to their false speech for they want to deceive you.  They have been exposed and their weaknesses have been revealed.  So go forward with perseverance.

O great people of Egypt…  Rage, gather and participate positively to protect your Revolution from defeat or deviation, and the million-person gatherings tomorrow, Friday, will be under the banner of "The People Protect the Revolution".

May God protect Egypt, its people and its Revolution.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy Alliance

Cairo: 5 September 2013