• September 16, 2013
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Statement: A Month Passes Since Rabaa and Nahda Massacres

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Statement: A Month Passes Since Rabaa and Nahda Massacres

The blood of their brothers and sisters in Rabaa and Nahda massacres has not let protestors against the military coup forget the blood of the martyrs who preceded them at the Republican Guard Officers’ Club, at the Memorial, during the January 25 Revolution, or during the two long years of struggle by our proud people to regain their freedom since then.

Nor have they forgotten the blood of those who followed, at Al-Fateh Mosque and elsewhere. Meanwhile, coup commanders and collaborators have not been disturbed by this brutal bloodshed by the hands of their forces.

Their consciences have not been shaken by the moans of the injured or the tears of the widows and the bereaved, although they are responsible for the spilling of blood – crimes against humanity, against their own countrymen, in massacres rarely seen throughout history.

The Egyptian people were surprised by military coup security officials meeting a Zionist security delegation in order to coordinate a so-called war on terror in our beloved Sinai. The catastrophe was when the coup officials appeased their Zionist friends by killing innocent Egyptians, destroying their homes and mosques, burning their cars, killing their livestock, uprooting olive and citrus trees and torching palm trees, exactly as the Zionist occupation’s army does in the occupied territories. This is a crystal clear example of cooperation between coup officials and the Zionist enemy, and certainly not the only such example.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance affirms that the institutions, authorities and committees appointed by the coup do not represent the Egyptian people. They are illegitimate from inception, and so is any action or process ensuing from them.

We urge all honorable and free people around the world not to recognize any of these institutions and authorities. From that viewpoint, we also affirm the illegitimacy of the military-installed interim president’s representation of the Egyptian state in the United Nations announcement by the coup regime.

With regard to anti-coup protests, the putschists and their media henchmen absurdly claim little attendance at the continuous demonstrations called by the Alliance, while at the same time they extend the state of emergency and curfew, they arrest and kill protestors, close public squares with tanks and armored vehicles, and suspend rail service, all to try to defeat this people’s Revolution that has covered all corners of Egypt.

More absurdly, while prices are rising, the economy is declining to an unprecedented degree – with external debt climbing to figures never heard before, and the putschists resorting to borrowing from banks to cover the deficit and meet the country’s needs, we find them raising army and police salaries!

This certainly looks like the putschists are rewarding their forces for the massacres in which they spilled the precious blood of their innocent Egyptian brothers and sisters. If we appreciate the military-appointed regime’s position in not applying a minimum wage, how can we appreciate their not applying a maximum wage in these hard times?

The Alliance has this message for the putschists: Arresting free women and mistreating them, and killing and arresting protestors, will not put out the flames of this peaceful Revolution, but will stoke them even higher.

In conclusion, the Alliance calls on all the Egyptian people to continue their week of "Loyalty to the Blood of the Martyrs", going out to all public squares tomorrow, Tuesday, in million-man marches, announcing "We will never forget the precious blood of our martyrs that has nourished the tree of liberty".

God is Great, and victory is coming…

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance