Egypt’s Doctors Denounce Referring Colleagues To Military Courts

Egyptian Doctors Denounce Referring Colleagues To Military Tribunals, Express Solidarity With Them
 The Egyptian Doctors’ Syndicate organized a seminar and a vigil in front of the House of Wisdom to show the doctors’ solidarity with their fellow doctors who have been referred to a military tribunals; the participants included Dr. Essam El-Erian, Dr. Atef Al Banna, constitutional law professor, Mohamed Abdul Qoddous – the secretary general of the freedoms committee in the Press Syndicate, lawyer Essam Al Islambouli, and Dr. Akram Al Shaer, and Sobhi Saleh, both are members of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc in addition to Dr. Helmi Al-Gazzar; the seminar included also many children of the detained doctors and their spokeswoman was Fatma, daughter of Dr. Mahmoud Abu Zeid.
All participants in the seminar confirmed that this violation of referring civilians to a military tribunal is only a part of a series of government aggressions is a natural result to the notorious constitutional amendments .
They also confirmed that the detainees are among the elite who serve the society in clinics, faculties and among colleagues and patients .

They appealed to the military justice and military tribunal to avoid such an injustice and violation and that their competence is in protecting the country’s security from foreign aggression, not from sincere citizens who sacrifice their country with their blood .
Dr. Essam El-Erian thanked the doctors and pharmacists who took part in the vigil, topped by the heads of pharmacists and doctors; he declared the syndicate rejects referring civilians to the military justice or detaining civilians because of disputes over political issues; he pointed out that the task of the military justice is to protect the country from enemies, not from sincere and honest reformists.
For his part, lawyer Essam Al Islambouli declared that the notorious constitutional amendments “turned our civil country into a tyrannical fascist country”, pointing out that the military justice has never been independent, because it was always under the control of the president.
After detailing the legal view, Dr. Atef Al Banna confirmed that the law professors appealed against the constitutionality of referring civilians to the military justice, but no ruling has been issued so far.
Journalists Mohamed Abdul Qoddous said:” The current complete injustice is a prelude for a complete change like what happened in 1919 revolution and July Revolution 1952; he added that the ongoing war not against the Muslim Brotherhood only but against all citizens.
Dr. Helmi Al-Gazzar spoke about the ceiling of freedoms that collapsed to the extent that we demand to stand trial before a competent justice, not a military one, instead of demanding freedom.
Dr. Akram Al Shaer spoke about the contradiction that Dr Sorour, the House Speaker, committed while military bill was being approved; the House Speaker said that he has the right to disagree with what he wrote in his books and to disagree whith his own opinion as a scholar!!!.
As for Sobhi Saleh, he criticized what he considered as gathering all authorities in the country to be under the control of the president.
Fatma Mahmoud Abu Zeid stirred the emotions of the attendants when she said that this injustice which they are facing will not dissuade them from their sticking to their reformist call whatever the violations committed against them.