• November 30, 2005

Egypt’s Elections: The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s Elections: The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood
Guest Name Dr. Makarem El Deiri, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Only Woman Candidate for the Parliamentary Elections 
Subject Egypt’s Elections: The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood
Date Thursday,Dec 8 ,2005
Time Makkah

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Ahmad Safa-ei    – United Kingdom
Profession Doctor

What are the dirty works done by the Watanee party (The National Democratic Party, Egypt’s ruling party) to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from gaining 100 seats in the parliament?


The first round was relatively peaceful, but there was what can be called “collective registration,” i.e., registering big numbers of people, mainly the employees of big companies, in a collective way, taking them to the polling stations, and urging them to vote for the National Democratic Party (NDP).

Votes were “bought.” People in poor areas were given money to vote for NDP candidates. Moreover, violence was used against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) observers who were present in the polling stations. They were detained, together with voters.

During the second and third rounds, polling stations in MB strongholds were closed, which enabled the NDP to fake results. Also, judges were attacked. Thugs were used to terrify the voters. Besides, state security forces terrified the voters.

The results were faked; in various districts, including mine, the results declared were different from the real results.

Samy    – France
Profession Student


Congratulations for the recent MB breakthrough in the elections.

However considering Mubarak will still hold the 2/3 majority in the parliament to pass or block any law, will MB be able to achieve any significant change in the politics of the country ?

I am afraid you won’t really be able to affect Mubarak’s handling of the affairs and people might get disappointed in the future.

Thanks. Maa salama


The Muslim Brotherhood will be able to put pressure on the government. Through holding the executive branch of government accountable, they will be able to face corruption, and they will stand against unconstitutional laws and try to prevent them from passing in the parliament.

Also, they will participate in introducing laws that benefit the whole society and that will help in the process of reform.

The Muslim Brotherhood are honest guards that protect the values and beliefs of the society.

Through their role in parliament they will set an example for others. They will set and example for protecting the collective interest and solving society’s problems.

It’s important to note that the speaker of parliament praised the performance of the 17 MB members. And we will do our best to maintain the same level of performance.

Noordeen    – Sri Lanka
Profession Journalist

Assalamu Alaikum sister. May almighty Allah bless you for coming out bravely to contest in a terrorized election in Egypt.

In your point of view, why do Muslim women hesitate to contest elections, particularly in the Middle East?


The main reason is the absolutism in the Muslim world. It prevents Muslim women, who have an Islamic agenda, from participating actively in politics. At the same time, the chance is given to those who have different agendas.

Also, participating in politics is a difficult task, and it has many consequences. It requires certain qualifications and it is very time consuming.

There are also cultural traditions that prevent women from participating in the political arena .

yusuf    – Netherlands

Assalam Alaykum,

Can you give us the Web site of the Muslim Brotherhood so that we can join your organization?



Wa alaikum al salam.

The official English Web site for the Muslim Brotherhood is ikhwanweb.com

The Muslim Brotherhood is not a club. It represents a way of thinking, moderate Muslims all over the world, who endorse Islam in a moderate way, can share with the Muslim Brotherhood their way of thinking. Whoever works to serve Islam and its mission can consider him/herself a Muslim Brotherhood member.

In the Netherlands, you may try to find Muslim Brotherhood members through whom you can know more about the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mohamed Farhan    – Singapore
Profession Diploma Student

As-Salamu ’alaykum.

What do you hope to see from the results of the elections?

If the Muslim Brotherhood attain the majority of the votes, what can the people expect from the Muslim Brotherhood? A different kind of rule? Or what kind of improvements?


Societal problems abound, and reforms are needed in various fields, including education and media.

The field that needs reforms the most is the field of civil and political rights. People need freedom of speech, freedom of forming political parties, etc.

Also all people should be equal in rights and duties, and they should not be prevented from speaking their minds. We want to remove all the biases that result in inequality.

There is discrimination against the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists in general; they are prevented from expressing themselves, and they are deprived of their civil and political rights.

There is a great need for achieving equality. The constitution should be applied because the will of the people is the real source of sovereignty.

The laws that limit people’s freedom should be eliminated.

Freedom is the key to reform in society.

shereen    – Egypt
Profession teahcer

I appreciate all the efforts that the Muslim Brotherhood have exerted, and I do sincerely hope that Allah accepts their deeds, but I have a question:

I understand that, according to the Egyptian constitution, the president has the authority to dismiss the parliament, so even after all this effort has been exerted, don’t you think that it is kind of wasting time to put all these efforts in something, given that it can all simply go in vain?


We will try our best to amend the constitution in a way that limits the powers of the president.

We do our part—and the result is in the hands of Allah. This is a sort of Jihad and we should not submit to the status quo; rather, we should do our best to change it through peaceful means.

Siraj    – United States

Assalamu alaikum sister.

May Allah bless your efforts and give you the strength to serve Him.

What programs has the Muslim Brotherhood offered sisters in Egypt and what lessons do you think Muslims in America can take in order to empower our Muslim sisters here?


The Muslim Brotherhood’s programs for sisters aim at enabling women to participate in societal development. They also help them to develop consciousness of their role in the family through reforming the stereotypes about Islam, purifying the true Islamic values from the wrong customs and norms, and identifying the imported values that contradict our traditions and values.

Also, our programs aim to solve all kinds of societal problems through training gifted women who can play that role.

abdul hadi abubakar    – Nigeria
Profession student

Assalamu alikum.

Islam as a unique faith has given all members of its strata a unique role to play so as to contribute to societal development. So please, what is the permissibility of a women to seek for a political office?


Women have the right to participate in the decision-making process, determining policies, introducing laws, and monitoring the executive branch of government. They can also run for political offices, and represent the Ummah. They can also participate through choosing the candidates that they find suitable for representing the Ummah.

And this can be considered part of their role in ordering the good, which is the duty of every Muslim.

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umair anas    – India
Profession jurnalist

Assalamu alaikum

My question is about women candidacy in presidential election—whether women have right to be head of the state.

Second, don’t you feel that women in Islam are less empowered economically and socially, which causes a lot of misery to them. What is solution to make Muslim women defiant and empowered?


The economic problems that we face nowadays affect both men and women. Problems such as poverty and corruption have their negative impact on both sexes.

Also, Islamic values should be purified. It is important also to teach one’s children to respect women and their rights. The Prophet, peace be upon him, set the best example for treating women. The status of women in Islam is known for everybody.

The problem has to do with men’s mentality, not with Islam.

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Zakaria    – United States

How do you evaluate women’s participation in the elections (within the Brotherhood movement) and why only one woman candidate? Why not three or more?


The MB female members have benefited a lot from the experience. They were able to contribute to the victory of the MB candidates through playing an effective role in publicity.

What happend in 2000 in Alexandira with the MB candidate, Jihan el-Halafawy, was a harsh experience that chase many women away from participating in the political process.

If the political environment is favorable, the MB will be able to introduce more women candidates.