• August 4, 2012
  • 3 minutes read

Egypt’s Electricity Woes Over Within Days

Egypt’s Electricity Woes Over Within Days

Dr. Yasser Ali, spokesman for the Presidency, affirmed the State’s commitment to resolving the crisis of power outages. He assured that the President’s call for energy conservation is not a substitute for the State’s drive to solve this problem, pointing to new investments in this vital sector.

In a press statement, Saturday afternoon, he said: "President Mohamed Morsi issued a directive to the Ministry of Electricity stressing the need to solve the crisis of power outages as soon as possible, through the operation of two new electric power plants.

"Electricity problems will be over soon."

Dr. Yasser Ali further expressed expectation of a concrete resolution for the crisis with the two new power-stations starting work, after delays due to logistical problems.

He pointed out that there is a general inclination to invest in alternative energy sources, particularly solar energy, pointing that Egypt has the largest potential resource for this energy, which will contribute to solving the electricity crisis in the long term.

Moreover, Yasser Ali added, "I expect self-sufficiency in electric power production, as well as export of the same, during the next few years."

Earlier, on Friday, President Mohamed Morsi apologized to the Egyptian People for the problem of power cuts, pledging to work diligently to find a permanent resolution.