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  • April 19, 2007
  • 8 minutes read

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: No Shura Election Deal With Gov’t

The Muslim Brotherhood group denied there is a reported deal with the regime concerning its running the Shura Council elections.
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt denied press reports that there is a deal with the ruling National Democratic Party concerning MB’s running the Shura Council elections.
The media reports linked between the MB’s stopping short of taking part in the anti- constitutional amendments public protests and the decision of running the elections; these reports said that there is an agreement between the group and the government that allows the Muslim Brotherhood to run the elections and promises of reconsidering status of their leaders appearing in front of the military justice, in return for allowing the amendments to pass without “making much fuss” in the Egyptian street.
For his part, the MB deputy chairman, Dr. Mohamed Habib denied in that there is any agreement or deal with the government concerning the Shura elections or the military tribunals that include more than 40 MB leaders and members.
Habib said in a statement to Ikhwanweb:” The group does not hold any secret agreements with anyone, particularly the ruling party that does not accept even a political partnership with any one.
Habib saw that the latest detentions in the lines of the MB’s leaders and students immediately after the group declared running the Shura elections ” is a proof that the government plans to start an early t of battle early crackdown against the group.”
When asked about the benefits from running new elections after approving the constitutional amendments that, the Muslim Brotherhood said, legalize rigging the elections as a whole, Habib said ” the Shura elections are characterized by not facing huge government pressures, security violations or systematic rigging that are carried out during the People’s Assembly elections.”
Habib added that the group believes, despite its assurance that riggings will be carried out in the coming elections, that the wide-scale turnout can reduce these riggings.
“We also think that the honesty of some judicial employees who will supervise these elections, will be an asset” he said .

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