Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Frantic Crackdown Against Journalists, Activists

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Frantic Crackdown Against Journalists, Activists

The Muslim Brotherhood has been following the latest and ongoing frantic campaign against journalists, rights activists and politicians by the military regime in Egypt.

Despite their political differences, all Egyptians are becoming targets in the abuses, violations and the prosecution by the military coup.

The military junta’s main concern is to preserve their gains, continue their corruption, pursue their personal ambitions and interests, and carry out their sponsors’ agenda.

The Muslim Brotherhood values the enthusiasm of all patriots, and their sincerity for their homeland; and calls upon all the youth, revolutionaries and those who are passionate about their country future, to open their hearts and minds, and accept others with different opinion.

Let us unite under the banner of patriotism and the concern for this country, in view of the fact that all of us are now targeted by the coup, suffer its injustice and brutality, despite past mistakes and excesses.

However, we must make a distinction between what can be considered mistakes that can be overlooked, especially by those who expressed apology or retraction, and those who committed grave crimes and blood shed and must be held accountable.
We should always have a space in our hearts so as to restore national cohesion, bridge the rift, revive the popular and revolutionary alignment as the most important tools and mechanisms of breaking the coup, returning the army to its barracks, restoring democratic life, elected institutions, and rights for all.

Day after day, it has been proven that the Egyptian people regain their full awakening. Let us help each other overcome the past mistakes and demonstrate the morals of the noble knights to move together towards a future of freedom and dignity.

Ahmed Assem
Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood
Wednesday, Ramadan 14, 1439, May 30, 2018