Egypt’s National Powers Denounce Gaza Holocaust

Egypt’s National Powers Denounce Gaza Holocaust

Egypt”s National powers expressed their refusal and denouncement of the holocaust in Gaza by a protest Saturday where many leaders of political powers and parties participated including MB leader Mahdi Akef.


Leader in Kefaya movement Dr Karima El Hefnawy attacked this holocaust and considered it a natural result of the treason and collaboration of the Arab regimes with America and Israel who want to generally wipe out any resistance in Gaza Strip.


Hefnawy voiced her deep resentment of the Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni visit to Egypt. She questioned “What made the Egyptian Foreign Minister invite her at such timing? Did she come to tell him she was going to bomb Gaza the following day so that he agrees? This is what had happened, and he didn’t dare to say there was going to be bombardment of Gaza.”


Arab regimes only seek keeping their chairs, she said. “They ask us to consider them as moderate regimes, while the fact is that they are Israeli agents who agree with Israel on the necessity of exterminating all kinds of resistance be it Shiite, Christian or Islamic.” The Egyptian and Arab regimes are all participants in the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The aids that entered Gaza under the name of Suzan Mubarak were just to save the face of the regime despite their involvement in the current crime, she added.


“Were these aids sent yesterday to help the dead of today?!” Hefnawy asked.


Labor Part secretary general Magdy Hussein told Ikhwanweb that what Israel is doing is an atrocious inhuman war, and keeping the Rafah crossing closed is a far greater crime under the current situation in Gaza.


Former general coordinator of Kefaya movement George Ishaq pointed to the fact that this massacre took place only one day after Livni’s visit to Egypt, which denotes that Zionists are deceitful and cannot be trusted. He considered this a terrible insult to Egypt.


Counselor Mahmoud Al-Khodairi, Vice president of the Court of Cassation and head of the Popular Committee against Gaza Siege, also accused the Arab regimes especially Egypt of collaboration in that heinous crime. He affirmed that medical convoys from the medical syndicate’s humanitarian relief committee have already set off for Rafah Crossing in order to help the casualties in Gaza.