Egypt’s Nile is a Red Line

Egypt’s Nile is a Red Line

 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) follows with great interest the consequences of the Renaissance Dam crisis whereas the Ethiopian government adopts a tough attitude regarding the life artery of Egypt and Sudan and their internationally recognized historical rights in Nile water shares. Moreover, MB is concerned about Ethiopia’s insistence to adopt unilateral attitudes regarding a shared water governed by international laws and agreements, as well as its insistence to set a date for filling the dam reservoir without shaping a proper agreement with Egypt and Sudan; what threatens their legal shares.

Once again, MB confirms that all Egyptians , irrespective of their political, religious and social spectrum, consider the Nile as a red line, and all of them will “introduce their bloods as sacrifice” if there is any shortage in Egypt’s water share as the martyr president, Mohamed Morsi, said.

MB confirms its refusal for any agreements, whether it was signed in 2015 or will be signed later, affect the Egyptian people’s historical right to the internationally agreed waters of the Nile. Moreover, it reassures that there is no room for unilateral decisions, and the collective responsibility will be borne by all spectrums, paving the way for all concerned bodies to protect our country’s national security and the rights of the future generations. 

The Group also sees that the Ethiopian intransigence doesn’t only aim at preventing Egypt from its right but also to palter Egypt for its historically agreed rights, especially after the sudden unjustified increase at the capacity of the reservoir from 11 billion cubic meters to 74 billion.

Therefore, the Group declares its firm position in standing side by side with the Egyptian and Sudanese peoples defending water rights and confirms that it is not against the right of the Ethiopian people to make use of the dam for their country’s development, but without But without hurting the downstream countries, Egypt and Sudan. 


May Allah save Egypt and its Nile river!

Allah Akbar and Thanks God

Muslim Brotherhood (MB)

Monday, 15th Dhul Qi’dah 1441 A.H. corresponding to 6th July 2020 AD