• MB News
  • December 3, 2008
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt’s Universities Continue Crackdown on MB Students

Egypt’s Universities Continue Crackdown on MB Students

Egyptian security forces arrested six Muslim Brotherhood students at Faiyum University from their houses Sunday on charges of membership in an outlawed group.

Students were kept for long hours and reportedly maltreated at Faiyum police station. They were referred to Faiyum Prosecution that ordered them released on 300 pounds bail for each of them.

In the same regard, Egyptian judiciary cancelled the dismissal decisions passed by the Faculty of Agriculture in Faiyum against six MB students for a month because the dismissal was “against the law.”

The faculty of Arts at Zagazig University interrogated twenty Brotherhood students last Sunday on charges of hanging pro-Gaza banners and sent warning letters to their parents.

Moreover, Muslim Brotherhood students at the faculties of Engineering and Commerce at Port Said University organized a demonstration protesting the Gaza siege. Students invited dean of the faculty of Engineering Professor Shaaban Abdu to attend the demo and deliver a speech in solidarity with the besieged Gazans, but he threatened the students to arrest them at the hands of state security officers in the faculty, the students told Ikhwanweb.