Eight More Activists Arrested for Supporting Judges

State security police arrested eight activists on Sunday morning when they gathered in front of the South Cairo Court House where judges Hisham Bastawesi and Mahmoud Mikky appeared before court deciding their case. A large number of police officers and soldiers surrounded a group of activists for four hours before they were taken into custody. The eight activists, including three females, belonged to Kefaya movement, labor party and Al Ghad party. Their names are;
1-Nada Al Kasas, journalist
2-Asma Ali
3-Rasha Azab
4-Alaa Sif Al Islam Ahmed
5-Fadi Iskander
6-Karim Al Shaer
7-Ahmed Abdel Al Gawad
8-Ahmed Abdel Ghafar

Witnesses indicated police savagely kicked several protestors in sensitive body areas, including females, which ignited more anger from the crowd. The eight were breifly interrogated by the State Prosecutor who decided to detain them for two weeks pending further investigations. With latest arrests, the total number of individuals detained for their solidarity with the judges has risen to 48. The allegations made against most of them include:
1-Rediculing the President in public
2-Particapting in a gathering that blocked authorities from performing its duties
3-Blocking public transportation
4-Verbaly assaulting authorities

The hearing for the two judges was postponed till May 29

(photo courtesy of MisrDigital.com)

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Picture from  Wael Abbass