El-Adly Audiogate: Confessions of a Police Torturer

Blogger Tamer Mabrouk of Port Said continues his anti-corruption, anti-police brutality campaign…
Tamer has just posted an audio-recording of a phone conversation between Police Officer Ahmad Tawfeeq and a woman teacher he allegedly mistreated by the name Ibtessam as a favor for one of Mubarak’s NDP members Ali el-Alfi. In the conversation, Ibtessam accuses the officer of assault and severe beatings in the street–something he did, according to woman Ibtessam, as a favor for the “big guys.” The officer denied he beat her in the street, but acknowledges he slapped her on the face inside the Police Station. He also tells her to go and sort out her problems with the “big guys” and try to close this case.
The same officer, for your information, received a suspended prison sentence last year for torturing a Kefaya’s youth coordinator in Port Said, Mohamed Hegazi.
Here’s a part of the conversation I transcribed…
Ahmad Tawfeeq: Did El-Arabi El-Mansouri call you?
Ibtessam: Who?
AT: The goldsmith
I : What does he want?
AT: Did he call you or not?
I : He did, but I didn’t understand what he wanted.
AT: He wants to sort out my issue quickly. I’m a little man among those big guys. I was almost imprisoned last year. We need to close this case as soon as possible.