El-Arian Denies European Training for the Brotherhood

Essam el-Arian, an influential member of the Muslim Brotherhood denied the likelihood of training the group’s parliamentary representatives in Europe.
’These reports are incorrect since the Brothers who are in Europe are not parliamentary representatives. Therefore, they do not have competent experience to give to the Brotherhood in Egypt,’ he argued. ’If they, on the other hand, supply us with any scientific studies or something like that, we will investigate them,’ el-Arian added.
’Being subject to foreign training is unacceptable for we have good experience and ex parliamentary representatives that can avail us. We do not care about what is reported about American and European training institutions,’ el-Arian proclaimed.
’For the West, we are ignorant and lack knowledge but we refuse this viewpoint. For we are able to formulate an effective Egyptian-made democracy via constructive cooperation and certain rules,’ he concluded.