El-Awa: We Want Egypt a Civil, not a Religious State, Copts Indispensable Part of Egypt’s Social Fabric

El-Awa: We Want Egypt a Civil, not a Religious State, Copts Indispensable Part of Egypt’s Social Fabric

Writer and Islamic thinker Mohamed Selim El-Awa said: "The decline and fall of Israel is closer than people expect since Israel is a "cruel and racist" entity and I agree with Dr. Abdul Wahab Messiri that Israel is not a super power and that we must get ready for the post-demise period."

During a seminar in Damanhur, (180 km) north of Cairo, Awa said: "I have many Coptic friends with whom I enjoy a very friendly, honest relationship based on mutual respect, and I have recently sought to refute suspicions raised by some in the Coptic Church in order to assuage Muslim anger.

I have attended four masses that were held by Egyptian Coptic Christians in downtown Tahrir Square, showing solidarity and national unity, and did not see anyone who is tempted to look down on religion or harm national unity. I will repeat what I said before and more and will not tolerate harm."

Awa warned against the use of Article 2 of the Constitution, which cites Islamic law as the main basis for Egyptian law as a scarecrow being used by liberals, noting that it is not subject to debate, and Bishop, who talks about it and other Muslims,would like to ignite sectarian sedition, declining to talk about it because there is no room for it now.

In an inquiry about some who alleged that early elections will benefit the Brotherhood, Al-Awa replied: "The issue is resolved by the polling stations, which will decide who governs the country".

Awa stressed his refusal of the idea of a religious state like the Vatican and Iran, saying: "We do not want such a state in our country, but we call for the establishment of a civil state in which the nation is the ultimate source of authority with equal rights and duties.

A civil state is hosted by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), adding that we reject a religious state and no religious institution should interfere in political matters or bypass the role of the state.

He also said that the referendum was a very significant incident that took place on the eve of  new era after the referendum of voting "yes "or "no" to be a one social entity, moving towards a free democratic life after oppression and corruption that existed for a long period of time.

Awa called on all to lay aside their enmities, and unite as brethren in the cause of their country, where each individual has full rights and enjoys his freedom after 57 years of fear and oppression.

Awa discriminated between Islam as a method of life and the use of Islamic slogans in support of one faction over the other, saying: "Islam will not be separated from political, economic, and social spheres of life, as it is inseparable from missionary wok and this is so whether others like it or not." He added that voting "yes" is a religious duty and that the voting process is a legitimate right guaranteed to the individuals."

Awa concluded his speech by saying that voters at the ballot boxes alone will determine who is the winner in the coming period and it will not be according to party affiliation or membership in a group or a political entity, indicating that he recently met one of his friends from Turkey who explained to him that Turkey in the past 8 years was sure that the poor are the only having the upper hand.