• October 7, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

El Banna’s Son Sues TV Show Inaccurately Portraying His Father

El Banna’s Son Sues TV Show Inaccurately Portraying His Father

Ahmed Seif el Islam, the son of Muslim Brotherhood founder Imam Hassan el Banna, said he intends to file a lawsuit against Dr. Medhat el Adl the author of the el Andaleeb ( nightingale ) TV show, currently playing during Ramadan, and the show producing company, saying that the life story written by author Al Adl about his father includes several historical mistakes especially the scenes related to the assassination of Nokrashi the then prime minister of Egypt.

“ In his last days, Nokrashi was an enemy to all the Egyptian people especially university students”, he said, recalling that Nokrashi gave orders to the police to open Abbas Bridge in 1946, which led to the drowning of many students and the injury of many others; he also added that Nokrashi established relations with Israel.

 However, el Banna’s son quoted his father as saying that the assassins were neither Muslim Brotherhood nor Muslims at all. Seif el Islam vowed to demand the stop of the film and says he will litigate the film makers for the false accounts therein .

Sharing the view said by el Banna’s son, senior MB leader Dr.Gamal Heshmat said in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb that the film director showed a personal relationship between el Banna and deceased Ma’amoun el Hodaiby ( the ex MB Chairman ) while there wasn’t any relationship between them and even some Muslim Brotherhood leaderships say that they had never met before.

 Heshmat referred to another historical error in el Banna’s life story, saying that he died 12 hours after he was shot and didn’t die immediately as the film author claimed.
“ He died because the then authorities gave orders to the hosptical to leave him bleeding, with the then king being there surrounded with heavy guard to obstruct even any first aid which could save his life” Heshmat said, calling on the Egyptian dramatists to be fair when it comes to historical facts, regardless of their attitude toward the Muslim Brotherhood. He quoted Robber Jackson as saying in one of his books that el Banna was a truly patriotic man, assuring that if he lived longer, he would change the history of the Orient.

Author Medaht el Adl countered  that he didn’t mention in the story that el Banna died immediately after he was shot, but he only stated that he died in hospital according to the historical accounts available.

 On the relationship between el Banna and el Hodaiby, al Adl assured that it is historical true, quoting from Qaradawi’s memoir that Hodaiby had warned el Banna of a potential assassination attempt against him.