• December 13, 2010

El-Baradei Meets the MB and Al-Wafd Before Travelling

El-Baradei Meets the MB and Al-Wafd Before Travelling

Sources revealed that communications are taking place regarding the arrangement of a meeting between leaders of Al-Wafd party and Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei before he travels. El-Baradei welcomed all political powers to the meeting.

A source from Al-Wafd told Youm7 that Dr. Mohamed Kamel, member of the Wafdist committee, invited El-Baradei to a meeting with a number of Al-Wafd leaders includingCouncillor Mustafa El-Taweel and Ahmed Ezz El-Arab. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Friday at Kamel’s house.

Sources stated that the reason for the meeting is to lay foundations of coordination between El-Baradei and Al-Wafd party before a meeting between El-Sayed El-Badawy, president of Al-Wafd and El-Baradei takes place.

Dr. Mohamed Saad El-Ketatni, former chairman of the e MB is keen on meeting El-Baradei to discuss steps to be taken against the policies of the national ruling party. He pointed out that all political powers that met with El-Baradei in Minia agreed on changing the traditional means used by the political powers in facing the ruling party which closed all possible ways for dialogue and constitutional frameworks.