El-Erian: Naga’a Hammadi crisis is political not criminal.

El-Erian: Naga’a Hammadi crisis is political not criminal.

 In a seminar held by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies Dr Essam Al-Erian from the MB executive guidance bureau shed light on the current sectarian violence. He explained that all evidence points to lack and negligence on the ruling party’s part with regards to measures practiced in solving the violence in Naga’a Hammadi  

He added that the regime merely soothed the current situation without digging deeper for the underlying causes of the strife. El-Erian compared it to the methods practiced on the MB movement rather than dealing with the conflicts it preferred to turn its head or follow the easy path of keeping them out of sight. (In the brotherhood’s case detentions and arbitrary arrests) By this, the regime hoped to have a tight grip on all of the country’s affairs regardless of who the victims are. The ruling party denied any free participation by opposition stifling attempts of any kind of reform.


El-Eryan asserted that the MB shouldered a heavy burden in which it had to restore the moderate image of Islam in which the government has tarnished. He called on all to culture themselves and to respect the call of Islam which adhered and advocatedfreedom of religion in a peaceful and tolerable manner. The moderate Islamic movements, notably the Muslim Brotherhood, promote the Islamic call which stresses the significance of co-existence between Muslims and Copts as cited in the Holy Quran{To you be your Way, And to me mine} Al-Kafirun, 6. and {Let there be no compulsion in religion…} Al-Baqarah, 256.

El-Erian criticized the 
security services’ unjustified banning of MB MP Hisham El-Ady from traveling  to Naga’a Hammadi to try to resolve the crisis, and  the Medical Relief Association from participating and contributing to help the Aswan flood victims referring to the intervention as one of many.

George Ishaq, the ex- coordinator of the Kefaya Movement claimed  that the system is unable to handle the current Naga’a Hammadi issue where it unjustly prevented 30 activists from all trends and religion from entering the district where it arbitrarily arrested the group in an effort to conceal the facts of the incidents
Mr. Mounir Megahed  of the National Committee against sectarian violence, initiated a rally which is scheduled to take place Wednesday week in an attempt to convince the Interior Minister and State Security leaders to consent to the participation of all to help resolve the current crisis.