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  • March 27, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

El-Erian: The MB enjoys internal democracy and a stable relationship with Copts based on citizenship

El-Erian: The MB enjoys internal democracy and a stable relationship with Copts based on citizenship

Dr. Essam El-Erian, member of the MB Guidance Bureau and the media spokesman of the MB, confirmed that democracy is the base of relationships within the group, and the history of the MB is a proof of this democracy. He criticized the media campaigns which aimed at tarnishing the image of the MB and affect its popularity.

He rejected allegations published in Al-Shorouk newspaper that the MB Executive Bureau was sending mobile text messages to the youth of the group; to dissuade them from participating in the Youth Conference, pointing out that texting mobile text messages was never a communication method with the group members. He stressed that the MB has its open channels, but the media wants to continuously raise the problems on the MB.

He confirmed there was no disagreement between the older generation and the youth stressing they were their sons and brothers and they have the right to express their views stressing we have to listen. El-Erian added we listen to our opponents so why wouldn’t we listen to our sons?

He pointed out that the controversy was about the timing and attendees of the conference saying that the MB asked them to send the recommendations of their conference to the Executive Bureau to study and wait for their response.

On the relationship between the MB and Christians, he ascertained that the MB does not and never will consider the Christians second-class citizens.

He said “We have received calls on the basis of citizenship from young Christians and Christian elites that we are citizens, not that we are an Islamic group and they are a Christian group. He pointed out that the relationship between the MB and non-Muslims has been clear throughout history; as Imam al-Banna had written in his diary how he was dealing with his Jewish neighbour.

El-Erian added that the MB members have regularly visited the church, until the former regime forced the church not to receive them. He explained that the MB is dealing with the state and the citizens as partners in this country, and calls on all to build a civil state, without discrimination.

El-Erian stressed that the Freedom and Justice party will be independent and will not receive any orders from anyone. He stated that it will work according to the constitution and Article 2 of the constitution and will have discussions with other parties, while the MB will be carrying out its comprehensive Islamic mission.