• May 16, 2011

El Erian: Parliament Will Decide the Fate of Peace Treaty with Israel, not MB

El Erian: Parliament Will Decide the Fate of Peace Treaty with Israel, not MB

Yearning for what was senior Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Essam el Erian stated that the real reason behind the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was that Israel was unjustly punishing the Palestinians for the Jewish Holocaust during World War II.

Speaking to the Washington Post Erian stated that the Americans and Europeans exported the conflict created by German leader Adolf Hitler to our lands.

He stressed that the Holocaust was a crime against a race, and a religion however the Palestinians were not responsible and should not pay for others’ crimes.

El-Erian confirmed that the MB does not threaten Israel, nor is it interested in annulling the peace accord with it adding it has no intention of cancelling the peace treaty. He asserted that any decision to do so would be done in parliament according to the constitution. He cited that treaties have regulations and must be respected from both sides adding when one side fails to respect the treaty, the international community must obligate it to do so.
He stated that the US administration demonstrated discrimination against the Palestinians and he called on the Americans to revaluate their policy in the Middle East, warning of the future relations between the Middle East and the US.
El Erian noted that Israel was its own enemy with its discriminating policies against Arabs by leaders like Netanyahu and Lieberman adding Israel is more or less harming itself.