El Erian to Al Jazeera: MB Committed to Peaceful Reform Despite Challenges

El Erian to Al Jazeera: MB Committed to Peaceful Reform Despite Challenges

Dr. Essam El-Erian, senior MB leader – said in an interview with Al-Jazeera English TV Channel that the final session of military tribunal trying 40 MB leaders was adjourned to March 25th in order to undercut MB win in the upcoming municipal elections. He expected that the verdict will be adjourned again till after municipal elections, scheduled to be held next April 8th.

He reiterated the MB commitment to peaceful reform and change adding the group will continue to fight injustice and corruption despite extreme oppression by the regime.

Muslim Brothers are part of the Egyptian people who have been facing more repression, detention and tortures especially after introducing article 179 of the constitution related to the terrorism law that allows fighting any one opposing the policy of the Egyptian government and the National Democratic Party.

Regarding claims that the MB seeks power, Dr. Al Erian confirmed that power is not the MB”s main target, adding that the MB’s main target is reform. He added that it is currently impossible for any political group, party or movement to reach rule in Egypt in light of the current political situation in Egypt.

Regarding the MB party program, he pointed out that the program is still in its initial stages and is still review by MB members with the advice of the Egyptian intellectuals and politicians. He also added that the program belongs to the group and it can”t be applied on all countries. He also invited any one who needs to discuss it to come and discuss any poit specially as MB leaders are on the no-fly list.

Al-Jazeera English TV Channel presented a report about the group, founded in 1928, and how it is widespread in all sections of the Egyptian society. The channel concluded its report with a question: Will the group, 80 years after its foundation, reach its political and social ambitions.